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Leigh Nicol and the Information Commissioner

On Saturday 19th November 2022, Leigh was on the panel for Sky's Big Ideas Live, hosted by the incredible Sky News presenter, Sarah-Jane Mee and the Information Commissioner, John Edwards.

The event was broadcast live throughout the day on Sky News and Sky's YouTube channels with the main topic of the day being... 'Who owns the future?'

Sarah-Jane Mee, John Edwards and Leigh focussed on Trolls, Hacks and Bullies, with the million dollar question, 'Can we create safe spaces online?'

We heard Leigh bravely share her own experience of Intimate Image Abuse, once again, but this time with the direct attention and input of the ICO, with one comment in particular from Leigh sticking with the ICO...

"I lost the most expensive thing in my life and that was my privacy"

This led to important and invaluable discussions on the security on our all of our devices, our data, what needs to be done to protect us and what is currently being considered to make the online world a safer place for us all.

You can watch the full video here which starts at 1:22:20...


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