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matt himsworth

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Matt Himsworth talks to footballer and entrepreneur Emma Beckett about B5 Consultancy, the importance of being an ally and why we get a kick (and a huge advantage) out of working with good causes.


Matt Himsworth talks to David Burgess of the Legal Entrepreneurs podcast about setting up his law firm, Himsworths Legal.


Matt Himsworth talks to Melissa Reddy about social media abuse of athletes 

fraser franks


Janey chats to former professional footballer Fraser Franks on his journey to sobriety and the work he is doing now to inspire young people in sport.

leigh nicol


Leigh was the target of revenge porn and for the first time ever she shares her powerful story.


Fraser Franks is a former professional footballer with 273 total apperances. Most notably playing for Brentford, AFC Wimbledon, Stevenage and Newport County, Fraser also represented England C on multiple occasions. Forced to transition away from the sport due to a heart defect, Fraser now works for a legal company providing advice to young professionals on their social media interactions. 


The fifth instalment of the Academy Football Network Podcast features Fraser Franks. Fraser has shown the mentality needed to forge a career in professional football. Professional football is a rollercoaster, sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down - the key is how you handle the good and bad times. 


The host. Getting this guest was a big coup for us .... Fraser's is a story that deserves to be told. It is the ultimate challenge for identity for a football player when your career is taken away from you in an instant.


Leigh Nicol opens up about being the victim of Intimate Image Abuse after her phone was hacked and private images leaked online. Leigh speaks bravely about the traumatic impact it had on her, the painful effects of constant social media trolling and how she has fought back from an experience that left her feeling suicidal, to gradually rebuild her confidence and love for life. 


In partnership with the Revenge Porn Helpline. The co-host. With two football journeys within B5 Consultancy, and inspiring stories at that, it was inevitable that we would feature Leigh Nicol for episode two.


PART 2 - go and listen to Part 1 first.


PART 2 - go and listen to Part 1 first.


On the Sky News Daily podcast our sports correspondent Martha Kelner talks to Kick It Out's chief executive Tony Burnett about society's role in tackling the issue as Crystal Palace footballer Leigh Nicol and Sky Sports presenter Jessica Creighton share their experiences of abuse online.

Ben Turner chats to the former Newport County captain Fraser Franks about what's next for his career after he retired due to a heart condition last season, just days after the club played one of their biggest ever matches against Manchester City.

Sam and Chris had the opportunity to speak with Crystal Palace Women's midfield Leigh Nicol about her career. This episode marks Women's History Month 2021.

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Fraser speaks about: 

- Why players need to be better with their finances and not be pressured into maintaining the 'footballer image'

- The heart condition that forced him to retire at 28

- Feeling anxiety while growing up at Chelsea's academy

- Launching his sports consultancy business

- Giant killing exploits in the FA Cup

- Racism in the dressing room and how players like Jobi McAnuff were integral to stamping it out

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Fraser Franks talks to Joe Citrone, of the Love of the Game lower league football podcast, about his career and leaving the game early at the age of 28.

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