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What we do

Run by lawyer Matt Himsworth and former footballer Fraser Franks B5 is a bespoke consultancy that works with businesses, particularly within sport, to help create a culture which is risk averse, respectful and defensive. These three key behaviours are essential to any modern business, community or sporting environment to create high performance.


The directors’ experiences come from working with elite sports clubs and organisations as well as PLCs and high-net worth individuals.


Developing a risk averse culture for performance gains

Strategic Advice

Making good decisions to protect reputation, privacy and people


Protecting against risk through research, investigation and reports


Mentoring, nurturing, helping and supporting talent

"We've worked with [B5 directors] for 12 years now, helping our players to develop a risk averse culture. That relationship has been invaluable to us and has equipped both players who have gone on to be established stars and those who have gone on to different careers"

Head of Player Care, top 4 Premier League football club

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