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Player Care

Fraser’s time in football and the challenge he has faced in withstanding and recovering from a life-changing health condition puts him in a perfect position to mentor young athletes. Fraser works with a number of clients in supplementing and supporting their player care, mentoring and assisting the development of players and staff and trouble-shooting on player issues.


B5’s longstanding relationship with clubs and organisations gives Fraser the authority to start those relationships whilst our independence as a third party gives players and athletes the comfort to be open, honest and forthright in discussions and in seeking help and support.


The company offers discreet and sensible advice to players, athletes and other individuals and supports them on matters as diverse as online security issues to a family and matrimonial breakdown. Matters that occur off the pitch, or out of work, can have a profound and damaging impact on performance. Having a trusted team who are compassionate, do not have a financial interest in the player and genuinely have the well-being of the human being at heart, is crucial in supporting, nurturing and growing that person.

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