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Football Journeys

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Presented by B5 Consultancy's directors - lawyer Matt Himsworth, former footballer Fraser Franks and Crystal Palace player Leigh Nicol Football Journeys explores the untold stories of the beautiful game, away from the glitz, the glamour and the adulation, in favour of the pain, the graft and the rejection.

In Series One Matt and Fraser met with Liverpool Football Club's class of 2013/14. A set of talented young players who ultimately didn't realise their Anfield dream. In Series Two Matt and Fraser were joined by Leigh and the team explored a much more diverse set of stories, focusing on identity, we have interviewed some incredibly diverse and lesser told stories: from the club doctor to the former refugee referee, from the Sporting Director to the Paralympian, and from Arsenal's first black player to the player who returned to playing after a stroke.

Below are links to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all other platforms where it is available. We highly recommend watching and listening on YouTube where we have added video and photo content to bring the lads' stories to life. 

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