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The name B5

The number 5 is a figure that means a lot to both directors.


Fraser’s mum, his inspiration, celebrates her birthday on the 5th and, throughout his career, he has worn the number 5 shirt so synonymous with towering centre halves.


When he took his first step into fatherhood in 2019 he announced the imminent arrival to his mum with a special shirt ….




On 31st October 1944 Corporal Frank Himsworth and his tank unit set sail for Walcheren Island as part of the allied liberation of the Netherlands, having landed on Gold Beach in Normandy only a few months before. Corporal Himsworth’s tank, call sign Bramble 5, was the second tank to land on Walcheren Island, peppered with German defensive shells and bullets. In 1999, 55 years after the liberation of the island, Matt’s Grandad Frank went back to Walcheren to mark that anniversary and discovered that Bramble 5 was still there, on display to mark the allied liberation he had been a part of (full story here).

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