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KINDNESS RULES... Matt Himsworth listed amongst 50 leading lights in kind leadership

B5 Director, Matt Himsworth was listed amongst 49 other incredible individuals who were recognised for their impact on others through kindness.

The Kindness and Leadership campaign celebrates 50 Leading Lights each year to shine a great big spotlight on leaders who are impacting others through kindness, which is exactly what Matt does on a daily basis towards his colleagues, clients and everyone else he meets.

The 50 Leading Lights candidates on stage at the Leading with Kindness Lecture.

The vision of this campaign is 'to show that kindness is key to transformative leadership. The fundamental shift in understanding leadership sees the quality of kindness take centre stage. Kindness is not about being 'nice' and saying 'yes'. Kindness is rather a commitment to being honest and transparent with each other. It's a willingness to be vulnerable and by the same token it's a generosity of spirit that enables a leader to be empathetic, to listen and to build the confidence of each individual in their team.' (

Matt was honoured to attend the Leading Kindness Lecture which was hosted by HRH Princess Badiya bint El Hassan in the London offices of event sponsor Aviva, on 14th November 2022. Matt's work has been recognised by many of his colleagues and clients, with one stating...

“Matt’s style is to shout praise and whisper criticism. He has taken a small group of sportsmen and women and allowed them to follow their passion and develop it into a caring business which is founded on core values of integrity, kindness, understanding and curiosity. The services we offer – led by Matt – are founded on empathy and a desire to protect the mental wellbeing of young men and women who are developing in the high-pressured environment of professional sport.”

The list of candidates was published in the Financial Times. The list can also be found here:


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