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Helping rugby players with hatred online

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

The growing problem of threats. hatred and racism online is one that impacts all sport. Whilst football accounts for the most part of the work we do we are proud to work in other sports, most particularly in rugby and cricket, and earlier this month we spoke to the Telegraph about our support and how much of a problem it is within the game.

Below are some of the quotes that appeared in that article. The whole article can be read on the Telegraph website here.

“One thing we will always support players on is real world consequences for online crimes,”

“People talk about a difference between social media and the real world but there is no difference. There are real world consequences and we have supported police in presenting analysis of accounts and identifying details. Every time you go online, you leave some kind of muddy footprint.

“Although it is not easy for a rugby player to take legal action, that option does remain. There is always an email and IP address behind every account. There is not a hiding place online to act like a criminal. Rugby and the RPA are determined to support their members and therefore there are some serious risks for trolls who do abuse people online. There are many examples of trolls being outed and some have spent time at Her Majesty’s pleasure.”

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