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Football Journeys - Episode Three: Adam Anson

The one thing we want to open this post with is what doesn't come across in Adam's episode: his footballing talent. It was a nice coincidence that, in the week he featured on Football Journeys, he featured in the National League North team of the week. One former teammate tells us "He’s class Adam. He’s got all the attributes to make a really good career in the game ... you should have seen how good he was upfront".

This performance on YouTube (he scores the third goal, a beauty) might give an idea:

There's also this nice chat between him and Southport FC TV:

For those of you interested in Adam's music, you can visit Anson x Chellew on SoundCloud here:

For those interested in the Football Performance Academy their website is here - - and there is a nice video about Football Mindz below:

His episode is available on YouTube (the best way to consume our pods) here:

Thank you,

Fraser and Matt


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