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Football Journeys, academies and where it all began

In October 2020, as we prepared to launch Series One of the Football Journeys podcast, Fraser was invited to appear on the Jim White Show on talkSPORT to talk to Jim, Martin Keown and Bob Mills about the podcast.

It is fair to say that Jim, Martin and Bob were extremely kind about what they heard but what was most interesting about Fraser's appearance on talkSPORT that day was the opportunity it gave him to talk about the meaning behind the series and the topic that he is so passionate about - the Academy journey and the tragedy that not enough players manage their own expectations against the assumption that 'on the pitch' will be a route to glory and that so few of them grasp the many 'off the pitch' opportunities that exist.

You can listen to the extended chat on the video below. If you're interested in player care in sport, or you haven't yet listened to Series One of the pod and you want a snapshot, then listen here:


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