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When Fraser and Matt launched B5, during some of the toughest parts of the pandemic, we didn’t know if it would just be the two of us sat, twiddling our thumbs, and sick of the sight of each other.

It’s not been like that.

Old clients and contacts have put their faith in us, people have been kind and a lot of organisations seem to like what we do and how we do it.

The following year we had no plans to grow but a ball of Motherwell positivity appeared from nowhere. Leigh had told her story, within weeks we got hold of her phone number to speak to her and within days we’d offered her a job.

Along with Lucie, who masterfully runs our admin and finance, Stacey, who was such a power when we launched and a huge help when she’s not touring the world with the S Clubbers and the super talented Robyn, we have developed into a lovely little team … and we think we need to expand it …

We’re not very good at making plans, and we subscribe to the John Lennon school of thought on that, but we think we need to expand … and soon. We think another ball of positivity would be good for us (and we’ve got a lot of new work coming in!)

We have no idea who that person should be. Whether a fresh-faced and eager junior or a senior professional with ideas, contacts and stories to tell. What we do know is that we want someone who shares our values: integrity, kindness, understanding and curiousness.

We need people to help with research and analytics, people with attention to detail, a ferocious desire to find solutions and information to help our clients, a good eye for design and creativity, and people who are passionate about people and sport and who want to help the person behind the athlete.

If that sounds like you, and you like the sound of the B5 Consultancy, then drop as an email to start the conversation.

Send an email to letting us know why you’re interested in joining the B5 team and why you think we’d like to work with you. Be as creative as you like.

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