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Football Journeys - Episode Six: Dahrius Waldron

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Dahrius' story is not so much a football one but one about poverty and lack of opportunity. Football gave him an opportunity and pulled him away from what was a harsh upbringing.

Dahrius was one of those kids that Marcus Rashford cares so much about and not many of those kids will get the opportunities that football can provide and provided to Dahrius.

There is no doubt that Dahrius regrets that he wasn't able to fully grasp the US college chance which came about because of his connection with Liverpool FC but what he is rightly proud of is that, despite some of the mistakes and misfortunes, he has been able to call on reserves of stamina, discipline and resolve, which now sees him content and successful at work, at home and on the football pitch and with new opportunities ahead (as we are discussing chances to have him speak with Academy players at Premier League football clubs) the future looks exciting.

On the podcast we talk to young men who have crammed more in to their 23 or 24 years than most cram in to a lifetime. As Jamie Carragher said when we spoke with him: footballers are expected to, and do, grow up fast and these lads are no different.

In the wake of the tragedy of Jeremy Wisten at Manchester City, it is important that we discuss the thousands of young people that come through Academies and don't make their dream come true. Much is questioned about whether clubs "do enough" but this podcast came about because Liverpool do stay in touch with their Academy alumni and care enough to help them after they leave Kirkby and to help them tell their stories.

Dahrius' is a story with tragedy but it is ultimately one of hope. He wants to do his bit to help those who come from tough backgrounds, those that go to academies and also those that end up on the wrong side of the law and we will be working with him to deliver that.

To watch the episode on YouTube, go to Part 1 here:

Part 2 is here:


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