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Football Journeys - Episode Seven: Connor Randall

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Connor, a Scouser, a Red, from a family of Reds, looks back on his time at Liverpool, and his 8 appearances for the first team, with immense pride but he also looks back on them as some of the toughest experiences of his life. The pressure of playing for a team of the calibre of Liverpool FC, the impact when you don't necessarily shine every game when you play alongside superstars, and also the invasive presence of social media - where he could receive criticism on Twitter or even a cruel mocking video on YouTube - all stacks up and he talks so openly, maturely and refreshingly on the struggles he had.

His "mad move" to Bulgaria is a particular highlight of the pod. He had a feeling that he wanted to escape from the glare. It is such an intense glare when you are in Liverpool and playing for that famous football club. You get the impression that he is much happier now, in the relative obscurity of Dingwall, playing for Ross County in the Scottish Premiership than he was pulling on the red shirt at Anfield. Perhaps more comfortable in his surroundings at a level he can excel at.

To watch the episode on YouTube go here:


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