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We've long been proud of our association with the Professional Cricketers Association. For a number of years now we have offered help and support to members on a whole manner of off-pitch issues and a big part of our commitment is our attendance at the Rookie Camp every winter where we offer education on key issues to the new intake of new professionals.

The annual event was hosted at Edgbaston Cricket Ground this year on Thursday 2 March. Numbers were high with the previous record of inductees of 61 increased to 67, with this year’s Camp also including 27 new female members.

PCA Director of Member Services, Ian Thomas, said:

“It was inspiring to see so many young professional players being inducted into their dream job. It is testament to the work that has been achieved in recent years to see a record amount of players in attendance at Rookie Camp. Having 67 new members in the room is a direct result of the implementation of rookie contracts and rapid growth of the women’s game. The aim has been to educate those players on what life is like as a professional, to mitigate the pitfalls whilst inspiring every individual to be the best cricketer and person they can be. The day is not possible without the support of our valued partners and a special thanks to Graham Gooch who has led on financial support through the Graham Gooch Scholarship / Essex Cricket Foundation.”

Matt, Fraser and Leigh delivered three different presentations to the group, covering three different subjects.

Matt started the day by delivering his fantastic bespoke Social Media session which covered the real life issues that will come with being a professional sportsperson, whilst spreading his three key messages: being risk averse, respectful and defensive.

Fraser and Leigh then split off for the next session; with Fraser speaking to the young men about his own relationship with alcohol as a sportsperson, which he had used as an escape during tough moments of his life, but crucially he also discussed the porn-culture that exists now within our society and the dangers of trying to run your sex life like a porn movie.

Leigh spoke to the young women about the specific abuse that sportswomen will be subject to, the sexualised comments and prejudice that they will face. Leigh used her own personal experience and stories to ensure that the girls are aware of what to do when they are abused, whilst making them understand that it is not a personal attack on them.

The B5 team had a fabulous day meeting the new players and interacting with all of the staff.

England U19 and Central Sparks batter Davina Perrin, 16, said:

“It’s been an insightful day, there has been a lot to learn and things I wasn’t aware of before. The social media session has given me some self-awareness and when we had our breakout chat with Leigh Nicol (from B5 Consultancy) I thought that was amazing with the amount of transparency from her. It opened our eyes to the different possibilities and being aware of the dangers that are around the corner helps us. It’s really important to deliver a day like this to young players. Even just to get together as newly contracted players to meet each other and realise there are a lot of players in the same boat. We have the PCA around to help us so that support and guidance is invaluable.”


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