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Announcement - Series One, Series Two

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Hello everyone,

As we mentioned to Patreon subscribers last month, our Pedro Chirivella episode is the last one with Liverpool FC’s class of 2013/14.

There are many fine young men that came through the LFC academy at that time and we could have gone on to do more and more but we feel that 10 is the right number and that we have many other varied stories we want to tell.

We’re not closing up this series yet, though, because we have some exciting stories that we’re ready to tell you straight away. Whilst we make preparations in earnest for Series Two we are preparing bonus episodes coming very soon.

The next episode will follow soon. The shirt will turn from red to claret for this one as we meet a remarkable young man. We then have some more episodes that take us from Milan to Slough.

Bonus episodes using Zoom allow us to go on telling amazing and inspiring stories whilst we prepare (and hope) for the world to go back to some form of normality – when we hope to return to our high-end produced and filmed face-to-face chats for Series Two.

Thank you everyone so much for all of your support to date. If you can find £2 a month to support us on Patreon then it is a massive help (and you will get early info, access and bonuses) so please do visit us at

Thank you,

Fraser and Matt


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