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Christine Ullmann

Hey there, I’m Christine. I’m passionate about helping good people navigate their online reputation but I’m even more passionate about my garden, good causes and being a decent human being.

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More about Christine

Christine is a German who has been in England seemingly forever. She loves it so much that she co-founded the #HugABrit campaign during the Brexit Referendum ( and needless to say that she was sad that the country voted to leave. She loves it here and has very much made it her home.


During her time in the UK she has worked in a number of roles in marketing and brand management which has involved understanding and advising on the mysteries of online reputation management. She has vast experience in SEO, content marketing, social media, PR, brand marketing and PPC.


Her passion is in working for brands and people that she believes in to support them in problem-solving and maximising what the client wants to achieve online.


She is a German native speaker, of course, with native level English, advanced French and a working knowledge of Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

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