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Hello, I’m Brian, if you know my career in football then you’d probably think that I’m supremely driven, analytical, obsessive about the game and want to win at all costs. That’s not me.


My focus is on wellness, happiness and being a good husband, dad and grandad. After more than 40 years in football, including taking Reading FC to the Premier League, I’m at my happiest I’ve ever been … and I love explaining to people why that is …

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More about Brian

Brian is a former professional football player and manager, having played more than 300 games, most famously with Arsenal alongside the likes of Liam Brady, Frank Stapleton, David O’Leary (to name but a few fellow Irishmen). He played in Sweden, Hong Kong and across the leagues in England before going into management, first in non-league with his home-town club Slough Town and later, with great success, with Reading, who he took to the Premier League in 2012.


Despite the high profile, high earnings and high success he enjoyed at both Reading and Leeds United, Brian was haunted by self-doubt throughout his managerial career. Wearing a mask that he calls his “big ego” he went through significant mental health trauma during his management career which led him to the brink of personal breakdown. He was saved, by love and support, and his passion now is for sharing his story, the lessons he has learned, and he hopes to positively help and influence the many others who go through similar mental traumas and tough journeys.


Brian has had huge success, positivity and love from his presentations which go into deep and emotional detail about his journey and the lessons he has learned along the way.

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