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Robyn flies the nest

For the last year we have been incredibly lucky to have Robyn Reardon working with us on design, our social media and research projects. Robyn has worked part-time while also working for Stevenage FC in player care.

We love Robyn and, unfortunately, so do Stevenage so, after the EFL increased funding to allow for each league club to have a full-time member of staff dedicated to academy player care, there was only one sensible candidate to be the club's new Head of Player Care and Welfare.

We are so proud of Robyn and also of our small role in her development. A talented footballer herself, she was at West Ham's girls academy as a youngster before working with Leigh at college, and she is destined for great things in football and player care. She is one of those people that show that, with determination and talent off the pitch, a transition from aspiring young footballer to a rewarding off-pitch career is very much possible.

We hope that Robyn is not the only talented sportsperson who will come through our business and move on to a brilliant career. Developing and nurturing talent is a passion of ours.

We leave the final, lovely, words to our Associate Director Leigh Nicol, who knows her best:

"Robyn has played an integral part in the growth of our business in the last 12 months, her attention to detail alongside her ability to document and create eye catching content whilst spreading key messages around the impact of social media will be hugely missed.

Robyn is not only a star at her job, but her values and passions aligned with Matt, Fraser and I too.

I’ve personally worked with Robyn for almost 7 years now, and I know her new full-time role in Academy Player Care is something that she’s made for, and will go on to achieve great things in this industry.

Robyn, thank you for the person you are and the talent that you brought to our little family. I’m sure we will be back together in the future."


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