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B5 welcomes digital footprint expert Christine Ullmann

We are thrilled to announce that Christine Ullmann, an old friend and colleague of Matt Himsworth’s, has agreed to partner up with B5 Consultancy as a digital adviser. With her extensive experience in the digital landscape Christine will play a vital role in providing strategic guidance and advisory services to both our business and individual clients.

Christine shares our values – wanting to do good and help our clients to succeed by making good moral and safe decisions in their personal and professional lives. We’re always reminded of the best advice she can give clients: “just don’t be a d**k”.

Christine has vast experience and understanding of SEO, Google and those crucial digital influences that can shape and individual or a brand’s reputation and, ultimately, a person’s well-being and sense of self online.

We are also working with Christine to develop services and support for victims of intimate image based abuse where the challenges can so often be how search engines and social media prolong and escalate the pain felt by victims.

If you would like to learn more about what B5 or Christine could do for you, your organisation or the people you support, then please contact Matt or Christine on


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